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He passes by on the beach of Santorini shouting “Hakuna Matata“, and so everyone starts looking at him. Why and who? His name in Kingsley and he is from Nigera. He is a DJ and does by his own, just in front of you this art work, and sells in to you. It is made with love and passion and offered with such kindness. Why? 1, it is super cheap (5 euros the piece). 2, it is handmade. 3, it is very easy to wear and to remove and doesn’t  break or anything. 4, it is lovely for summer. 5, it is stylish. 6, it is unisex. And 7, it is a souvenir from Santorini. So wherever you are in the world, and find a Kingsley selling those beautiful summer stylish bracelets get some! Because they could be worn with a watch, on your ankle and you can even fill your hands with lots of them.

HAKUNA MATATA because it means Don’t worry and these lucky charms will bring you joy.

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