Women In Power: Benazir Bhutto

Happy International Women’s Day!

A Little Biography: 

Born on June 21 1953, in Karachi in Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto is the child of former premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. She inherited leadership of the PPP after a military coup overthrew her father’s government and won election in 1988, becoming the first female prime minister of a Muslim nation. In 2007, after returning to Pakistan after an extended exile, she was tragically killed in a suicide attack.

Her Style: 

Benazir Bhutto is a traditional Pakistani woman who wears her culture’s clothes perfectly. Beautiful and classy, the Prime Minister was not only a powerful woman in the world of politics, but as well in the world of fashion, as she unintentionally proved to have a great sense of style concerning matching the colors, picking the right vail and decorating her outfit with certain jewelry. Take a look!

_44322815_benazirfourpic 0x600 Benazir Bhutto 621f552cce4bcd86f9c5b36d5dbf2ef7 File photo shows opposition leader Bhutto smiling while meeting with leaders of the Pakistan People's Party at her residence in Karachi 312637-_dbea_o-1324964705-405-640x480 651414-bblahorereuters-1388299187-366-640x480 b1 b1eb44152a46c0193d9aab619a81952e b4d20a9c340904a9cc47f03d986c4374 bb-middle-age benazir_bhutto_04 benazir_bhutto_05a benazir_bhutto_06 benazir_bhutto_07 benazir_bhutto_09 benazir_bhutto_10-640x480 benazir_bhutto_10 benazir_bhutto_11 benazir_bhutto_12 benazir_bhutto_13 benazir-bhutto-234409 benazir-bhutto3_0 benazir Bhutto Benazir bhutto-2 BHUTTO-BENAZIR-ABCD-FILES bhutto22-thumb-250x339 book1 d8dc563f969883e1136b276a9e61928c new-benazir-_040413030124


– Democracy is necessary to peace and to undermining the forces of terrorism

– As a woman leader, I thought I brought a different kind of leadership. I was interested in women’s issues, in bringing down the population growth rate… as a woman, I entered politics with an additional dimension – that of a mother.

– Don’t worry; I’m going to be safe, and God willing I’m going to be safe.

– You can imprison a man, but not an idea. You can exile a man, but not an idea. You can kill a man, but not an idea.


Oscars 2014 Parties

Whether it was for the Armani pre-Oscars party, the Weinstein Academy party, the pre-Oscars dinner or the Oscars after-party, celebrities know what to wear and how to be the center of attention. This why, I’m bringing you the most famous figures wearing the fanciest outfits during Oscars week 2014.hbz-cateblanchett-lg hbz-lawrence-lg hbz-lupita-angelina-1-lg hbz-lupita-lg hbz-oscars-2014-cruz-bloom-lg hbz-oscars-2014-poppy-lg hbz-oscars-2014-reese-paul-lg hbz-oscars-2014-selena-gomez-lg hbz-oscars-hilfiger-lg hbz-oscars-lindvall-lg hbz-oscars-swift-lg hbz-parties-bfa-oscar-weekend-chanel-anne-hathaway-lg hbz-parties-bfa-oscar-weekend-chanel-julie-delpy-lg hbz-parties-bfa-oscar-weekend-chanel-lily-collins-lg hbz-parties-bfa-oscar-weekend-chanel-naomie-harris-lg hbz-parties-bfa-oscar-weekend-chanel-poppy-delevingne-lg hbz-parties-bfa-oscar-weekend-chanel-rosie-huntington-whiteley-lg hbz-parties-bfa-oscar-weekend-chanel-sienna-miller-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-anne-vyalitsyna-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-aubrey-plaza-patricia-clarkson-anna-kendrick-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-cate-blanchett-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-diane-kruger-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-georgina-chapman-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-helen-mirren-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-isabel-lucas-diana-agron-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-jaime-king-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-katheryn-winnick-caitlin-fitzgerald-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-kiernan-shipka-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-lake-bell-lg hbz-parties-oscar-weekend-naomie-harris-lg hbz-vf-party-Allison-Williams-Grace-Gummer-lg hbz-vf-party-Amy-Poehler-Amanda-Anka-Elizabeth-Banks-Patricia-Clarkson-lg hbz-vf-party-Behati-Prinsloo-Adam-Levine-lg hbz-vf-party-Ben-Watts-Naomi-Watts-Jeannan-Williams-lg hbz-vf-party-Elisabeth-Moss-Anne-Hathaway-Jenna-Dewan-Tatum-lg hbz-vf-party-Evan-Rachel-Wood-lg hbz-vf-party-John-Legend-Chrissy-Teigen-Chanel-Iman-lg hbz-vf-party-Kate-Hudson-lg hbz-vf-party-Kristin-Bell-Jaime-King-lg hbz-vf-party-Lisa-Bonet-Zoe-Kravitz-Ellen-Page-lg hbz-vf-party-Lupita-Nyongo-lg hbz-vf-party-Miranda-Kerr-lg hbz-vf-party-Naomie-Harris-lg hbz-vf-party-Nick-Loeb-Sofia-Vergara-lg hbz-vf-party-Rita-Ora-Steven-Tyler-lg hbz-vf-party-Rosario-Dawson-Petra-Nemcova-lg hbz-vf-party-Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-Doutzen-Kroes-lg hbz-vf-party-Sarah-Paulson-Anna-Kendrick-and-Malin-Akerman-lg hbz-vf-party-Sheryl-Crow-Constance-Leto-Jared-Leto-John-Travolta-Kelly-Preston-lg hbz-vf-party-Sienna-Miller-Tom-Sturridge-lg hbz-vf-party-Terry-Richardson-Stevie-Nicks-Lady-Gaga-lg hbz-vf-party-Tom-Ford-Crystal-Renn-Zac-Posen-lg hbz-weinstein-party-del-rey-lg hbz-weinstein-party-king-swift-lg hbz-weinstein-party-kloss-lg hbz-weinstein-party-rhoda-lg

2014 Street Style

Out of everything I see and learn about fashion, nothing teaches me what to wear and how to wear it, like street style does. It is such such an inspirational way to learn about new trends and about which items go well together. The pictures in this post bring you the most extraordinary and stylish outfits for this year. Enjoy it!hbz-street-style-day3-pss14-25-de-sm hbz-street-style-day4-pss14-13-de-45602040-sm hbz-street-style-day4-pss14-17-de-11677726-sm hbz-street-style-day4-pss14-18-de-40038165-sm hbz-street-style-day4-pss14-25-de-63081233-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day2-001-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day2-002-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day2-005-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day2-017-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day2-022-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day3-014-de-sm hbz-street-style-lfw14-day3-025-ApwDif-de-sm hbz-street-style-londonss14-day1-20-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day2-002-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day2-007-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day2-015-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day2-019-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day2-024-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day3-002-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day3-006-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day3-014-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfw14-day3-018-de-sm hbz-street-style-mfwSS14-day5-015-de-sm hbz-street-style-milan-day1-006-de-sm hbz-street-style-milan-day1-017-de-sm hbz-street-style-mss14-day4-020-de-sm hbz-street-style-paris-SS14-day1-010-de-sm hbz-street-style-paris-SS14-day1-015-de-sm hbz-street-style-PFWSS14-day5-015-de-sm hbz-street-style-PFWSS14-day5-019-de-sm hbz-street-style-PFWSS14-day5-023-de-sm hbz-street-style-PFWSS14-day5-025-de-sm hbz-street-style-PFWSS14-day6-002-de-sm hbz-street-style-PFWSS14-day6-011-de-sm hbz-street-style-pfwss14-day7-001-de-sm hbz-street-style-pfwss14-day7-030-de-sm hbz-street-style-pfwss14-day8-001-de-xl-sm hbz-street-style-pfwss14-day8-002-de-sm hbz-street-style-pfwss14-day8-006-de-sm hbz-street-style-pfwss14-day8-020-de-sm hbz-street-style-pfwss14-day8-021-de-sm hbz-street-style-stockholm-day-2-001-de-sm hbz-street-style-stockholm-day-2-004-de-sm hbz-street-style-stockholm-day-2-006-de-sm hbz-street-style-stockholm-day-2-008-de-sm Stockholm-Street-Style-Day-1-008-de-sm Stockholm-Street-Style-Day-1-013-de-sm

My favorite Oscars looks 2014


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His name says it all. I don’t really need to introduce him. As always, Leonardo Dicaprio is looking elegant and charming. His outfit reminds me a lot of his character in the Great Gatsby where such outfits, including bows are worn.




Pregnant and pretty:

Greenish blue is not my favorite color. However, I cannot deny that this dress is absolutely beautiful. I really like its structure and how good it looks on a pregnant woman.





The perfect Hollywood couple:

I am a huge fan of Elie Saab’s work. And when Angelina Jolie is wearing it, it becomes even more beautiful. And what makes it even more breath-taking is when she is accompanied by Brad Pitt. The couple looks great, as Pitt hair-cut is amazing and Jolie looks chic in her long sleeved dress and her simple diamond rings with her hair down. Angelina is always simple yet very elegant.





The inseparables: 

Channing Tatum and his wife had everyone talk about how good they looked together during the Oscars. The skin colored dress that Jenna Dewan rocked on the red carpet brings out her beauty, with a soft relevé hairstyle and a very attractive man next to her.





Royal Blue:

Everyone can wear a strapless dress but not everyone can make it look as beautiful. As always, Sandra Bullock amazes me with her style. I really like the dress’s texture, as well as Bullock’s hairstyle.






The “12 years a slave” star looked like a princess. This is probably my favorite dresses for this year’s Oscars. The color is unique and fresh, the way she has a headband on her hair makes her look like a princess and the fact how simple her accessories are brings out her beauty as well as her skin color.





The diva:

Every year, the Oscars witness this one lady with a simple and sophisticated look, all at once, and makes a lot of comments about her. This year, it happens to be Kate Hudson. With a very sexy revealing dress, Hudson knows exactly what she is doing. Love it!





The babe:

It is hard to believe that Kim Kardashian was pregnant not long ago. In her red dress, the reality star looks absolutely gorgeous, fresh and young. I think she is in great shape and I love her hair color. Always beautiful,Kim!





Our Jasmin:

Whether you support her acting or not, the Oscar Winner for Best Actress 2014 for her leading role in Blue Jasmin, looks very classy in her gown. I like the color on hair, which fits her skin-tone, her hair and her green eyes perfectly. I also loved how she wore pearl earrings as it goes very well with the petals on the dress.





The Tulipe:

Jennifer Lawrence, looks fantastic in this red Dior gown. I love short hair and think it looks perfect on hair especially when they’re “en arrière”. It brings out her face structure and makes her look more mature. I think she did a very good choice when she picked this dress!





The Ultimate Beauty: 

Another beauty is dressed in Dior and it is Charlize Theron. Few dare to wear a black gown to the Oscars, with the fear of looking “too simple” or “too expected”. However, whatever Theron wears, she makes the best out of it. This dress gives her a royal allure especially with her diamonds necklace and her very simple and neat hairstyle.


Kylie Jenner flowery autumn dress


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This is a super casual and easy look. Such dresses are flower-printed but not summer-ish, this is why Kylie is wearing it with black soft tights and a low pair of boots. Super easy and super stylish!

Shoes : TopShop


Dress : TopShop/PacSun/Miss Selfridges/Zara/Brandy Melvil/American Apparel/ Urban Outfiters

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