Sport chic AUTUMN street styles

It’s that time of the year where we can put summer items with winter items. It’s not too hot but not too cold either. This is why, I’m bringing you the most stylish street styles all over the world. Enjoy !

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How to wear a denim jacket

I’m bringing to you the most stylish ways to wear a jean jacket. The following items are available in Zara, TopShop, TopMen, Mango, GAP, A&F, H&M, American Eagle, Pacsun, NewLook, Miss Selfridges, Urban Outfitters.


1. Over Sized 

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2. Button-up 

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3. Denim on Denim 

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Denim jackets for this weather


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I don’t know where you live but in a country like Lebanon, it is perfect to wear a jean jacket or hoodie during such a weather because it is not too cold yet to wear a real autumn jacket. Whether you are wearing a short dress, shorts, printed pants or even a pair of sweatpants, such a jacket would look really nice. It is available in TopShop/TopMan, Zara, A&F,American Eagle, Mango, Aishti, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, D&G, Forever21,Vero Moda,H & M,and Urban Outfitters.

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Necklaces 2013-2014


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Whether you are wearing a boyfriend jean with a casual shirt, an overall, or a short black dress with some isabel marant, such a piece of jewelry can make you look the most stylish woman in the room. Such pieces are available in Zara, H&M, Shourouk, and TopShop.

165-237-best 2811-12793-large 1856207050_2_1_1 104854502436950800 Accessories-fashion-shourouk-necklace Daisy chain necklace h&m-hm-yellow-neon-diamante-statement-necklace-rhinestone-bib-baubles-35 hbz-Shourouk-Necklace-lgn img-thing-1 img-thing necklace-apolonia-rainbow P00078627-Leitmotiv-Zambia-embellished-necklace--STANDARD photo 1 (33) pvc_pixie pvc-liz retail-fashion-jewelry-turquoise-necklace shourouk necklace shourouk_pvc_-_cora_perl-775x1024 shourouk_venus_necklace_1 shourouk-funky-vintage-necklace-y shourouk-goldmulti-golda-necklace-product-1-6630026-524386703_large_flex shourouk-goldmulti-golda-necklace-product-2-6630026-538142134_large_flex shourouk-light-blue-holy-brandeis-necklace-product-1-10423413-574984352_large_flex shourouk-memphis-mega-necklace shourouk-necklace-2 shourouk-necklace shourouk-necklace11 shourouk-pink-fluo-apolonia-pink-necklace-product-1-6547400-334020941_large_flex shourouk-pink-leitmotiv-marlen-necklace-product-1-5469822-181842093_large_flex shourouk-yellow-barbara-safran-necklace-product-1-10423412-565227662_large_flex Swarovski-by-Shourouk-necklace-61950 swarovski-by-shourouk-necklace-aed-3925 Topshop neon necklace topshop-bib-necklace topshop-blue-mixed-stone-necklace-product-1-12339550-725052942_large_flex topshop-mixed-metal-premium-stone-necklace-product-1-5995077-226549680_large_flex topshop-multi-layered-chain-wrap-necklace-product-1-7981170-823373534_large_flex topshop-multi-premium-neon-thread-necklace-product-1-4611028-233780784_large_flex tumblr_mcu81knyoF1rjrxu1o1_12801 Zara floral necklace

Dans les rues de Paris


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You cannot visit Paris and not learn something new about fashion, or fall in love with the beauty of the city, or with the people’s outfits. From TomBoy to Parisienne chic, the streets of the city of style brings to you the most outstanding fashion inspirations ever. Check them out!

chloe01 emma01 jeremy01 joey01 luke01 Model-Bastille01 Paris-Anna02 Paris-Australian02 Paris-BlackBlue Paris-FlowerDress01 Paris-Night Paris-RedBagpack Paris-scooter Paris01 tamara02 Tomasi

Angelo Anna01 AnneCatherineFrey baseballcap BestFriends BlueShirt01 BomberJacket BrokenArm BrownHat CamoJacket Candice CarvenSkirt CelineBag Earhat ElenaPerminova FlowerDress FrenchChic GaryPepper01 GaryPepper02 GaryPepper03 GiovannaBattaglia GreenJacket-580x868 Hanna01 InTheSun JasminInBlack Julie K-Sweater Kid Landy Leandra LeilaYavari-night LeilayYavari LeMarais01 Lisa021 LostInTranslation Marais02 Marta02 ModelBomberJacket Nadia Outside-MiuMiu OutsideDior Paris-Dance Paris-dogwalk Paris-Hairstyle Paris-Letter01 Paris-Obey Paris-OrangeOutfit Paris-PinkHair Paris-Sparring-Partner01 Paris-waiting Paris-WhilteShirt01 Paris01 ParisByNight ParisWhite Peace PerfectSmile PFW-AW13-38 Photographer Purple-Jacket1 RedbeanieParis RedHair RedTurban SeventiesShirt Soko Sunshine SusieInGreen Tiany02 TomasiHillPhone TomBoy Tonya YellowBeanie

Perfect College Make up


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1. Foundation

Don’t use any kind of foundation unless you really need it. For oily skin I advise you the Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation (£29) and for dry skin I advise you the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (£28) :

Bobbi-Brown-Natural-Finish-Long-Lasting-Foundation-29 bobbi-brown-foundation-stick

2. Powder 

It is really nice to put some powder on or compact foundation after you main foundation, specially when you have oily skin. This is why I advise you to use the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation :



3. Blush 

These blushes maintain your summer glow through fall.

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4. Mascara
Put some but if you have very long eyelashes don’t put too much.
Benefit-Theyre-Real-Mascara-18.50 MAC-Haute--Naughty-Mascara-18 Maybelline-Illegal-Length-Mascara-8.49
5. Lipstick
I prefer a matte lipstick so I advise you to use the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick(available in 13 colors) If you prefer lipgloss you can use Benefit or any other brand you like but I prefer to keep it simple for College :
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