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Let me tell you who she is.

Ever since I met this girl, not a day went by,without her talking about her obsession with make-up. Since the age of like what,10?, and this girl impresses me with her skills, her passion,and her talent. She is crazy,she is daring,she is strong,and most of all,she is beautiful inside out. So whether she is wearing make up or not, she is the most gorgeous person I know. Rasha’s passion grew stronger these past two years,with us growing up and actually starting to go out more often and having occasions and events. Now we are heading to college,and so Rasha made this website,her first : RashaRawwas.com

I can’t tell her how proud I am of her and how much I admire her work. I remember being her doll at the age of 12 while she tries on me all the beauty products possible,and knowing she’s achieving her first professional step. Trust me,she has a great taste so make sure to follow up what she tells you. Here is to my sister, CONGRATS!

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