People will tell you that you are not skinny enough. People will tell you that you are not beautiful. People will also tell you that you are not stylish. But let me tell you what I believe.

I believe that as long as you are happy with yourself,it is okay for them to talk. You don’t wear what you wear to please them. And you don’t look the way you do to make them happy or proud.

A lot of people told me I should lose weight in order to be skinny. But why be skinny when you have curves and look like a real woman? Don’t get me wrong, if you LIKE being skinny,then go ahead! I am sorry,  but Adriana Lima is not my role model no matter how gorgeous and sexy she is. My role model is Marilyn Monroe. I admire her curves, how she doesn’t have the perfect body structure, and how her confidence made her the sexiest woman in history.

As for the clothes, when people tell you your outfits is BAD, tell them that there’s nothing such as bad in fashion. Fashion is beautiful, whether you are a classy young lady,a punk,a rocker,a girly girl,a tomboy,or any other style being. The thing that people don’t seem to understand is that not everybody has the same taste,and not everyone likes the same things. What is beautiful to you might be ugly to someone else. Your opinion is not universal.. Your opinion is subjective. Your opinion is YOURS.


So whether you are curvy or not, love yourself. As long as you are happy with who you are,nothing else matters. Because at some point in life you will realize that there are things much more important than how you look. What makes you who you are is how you behave toward others,and how much respect you have for them and for yourself. What really matters is how much knowledge you have,not how many outfits. It’s not the pounds that count, but your passion in life. It doesn’t matter if you are beautiful on the outside if you are ugly on the inside, because beauty fades but a good heart doesn’t. So instead of going around judging others,or letting others judge you, think of the priorities in life.

It is true, I own a fashion blog. But at night before I go to sleep, it is not the fashion week that I think of,or which outfit I am going to wear…but rather how much I achieved today and how big my dreams are. Fashion is a way of life, but it is not life itself! You have to always remember that how you look like is not who you are. It is part of what you show. Smile, be yourself, and love who you are,and your inner beauty will show on the outside.