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Queen of my heart, queen of music, the new Madonna, the rocky version of Chanel, the one and only Miley Cyrus.

I must start by saying that everyone changes, and we all go through a lot and grow up, and so does our style, so don’t even expect someone to stay as they were 8 years ago because they won’t even if they are famous,even if you want them to. So through the years, Miley’s style changed, and at this point I believe she proved to everyone how stylish and fashionable and unique she is. I love ALL of her outfits and don’t think that anyone would pull them off like she does. She just knows how to have fun with her clothes and how to wear new things and make them trend worldwide. I think her haircut is absolutely gorgeous and that it suits her 100 times better than her long brown natural hair. This hair style is made for her. It puts out her fashion taste and her music style. She reminds me so much of Madonna, and she will hopefully become a legend like her. Miley has several tattoos that also bring out the wild and young side of her. She is such an inspiration to many of us and I love how daring and strong she is. She has been criticized and bullied and attacked and still sticks to what she does and how she looks like. It is that smile on her face that makes her beautiful, so keep on smiling SMILERS, do it for Miley!



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