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She’s not a model. She’s not a fashion blogger. And she is definitely not a designer. But she knows how and what to wear. Her job has nothing to do with style and she doesn’t follow what’s trending, yet she became a world fashion icon. Her talent isn’t picking clothes but she seems to always know what to wear. She doesn’t spend her days shopping in the world’s most famous & sophisticated & expensive shops, even though she is paid really well. She is not a Louboutin addict or a Chanel pro, yet she looks more beautiful than most of them. She doesn’t spend hours at a make up artist’s institute, yet she looks younger than most of them. Yes,I am talking about the one and only Lana Del Rey who will always look Young & Beautiful.

Whether she is wearing a very casual outfit such as a pair of jeans,some converses, and a plain white shirt, or some shorts and a crop shirt, or a beautiful long dress on the red carpet, Lana is always looking gorgeous. If you look a little bit closer to her pictures, you will notice that she barely wears any make up when she goes out,unlike the rest of Hollywood‘s celebrities who spend hours putting on beauty products. Well ladies, this will only damage your skin as you grow older! Whether she has black,blonde,red,or brown hair, Lana knows what to put on to make it look pretty. I love her style, and I specially love how she doesn’t try to fit it and how she has curves and doesn’t crave herself to become skinny and identical to all the other artists. Del Rey is such an inspiration to me. With her beautiful soft relaxing voice, and her outstanding personality, Lana Del Rey immediately stole our hearts. She proved to us that some people out there are not just Born To Die.. They are born to live forever, and I am sure she will, even after she leaves. Because with such a talent, it is very hard to disappear. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (her full name),studied philosophy at the Fordham University and that is how her music career began. This means she has both brain and beauty,which will take her very far in life,hopefully. The American singer and Songwriter is taking music to a whole new level and won several awards this year. Way to go Lana, and always remember that yes,we will still love you when you’re no longer young and beautiful.


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