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I dedicate this article to a beautiful soul and a pure strong voice.


Happy birthday Amy! We wish you were still here among us, but believe me or not, your songs still play along on my phone, and I am appreciate the straight and to courage that you had to stand out and create a new style : THE AMY WINEHOUSE STYLE. Whether we are talking about your make up (thick eye liner, and red lipstick) or your hair (Beehive hairstyle + black color) or about your outfits, you are a fashion icon who deserves to mark the world of style and who is very inspiring and beautiful inside out. I know that no one will ever be able to replace you,your voice, or your style. So this is for you A!

Amy_Winehouse_2284588a amy-winehouse7 amy-winehouse21 Amy+Winehouse+Casual+Hats+Sun+Visor+mfTPaxS6oUIl Amy+Winehouse+Clutches+Envelope+Clutch+L5y1-V5jCGHl Amy+Winehouse+Heels+Platform+Sandals+RSd35Y6p2jFl Amy+Winehouse+Long+Hairstyles+Long+Wavy+Cut+zIArEnTJeNdl Amy+Winehouse+Updos+Beehive+MiIshJNXxjhl back-shot_2284583a black-dress_2284582a Black-jumper_2284581a black-vest-coffee_2284580a denim-dress_2284579a drinking-on-stage_2284578a gingham-dress_2284576a lbd_2284575a leather-skirt_2284574a Luella-dress_2284573a metallic-dress_2284572a music-video_2284571a pink-cartoon-dress_2284570a pink-dress_2284569a polo-shirt_2284568a
preen-dress_2284589a Ronson_2284586a shorts-pink-headsc_2284585a slide_240250_1262845_free slide_240250_1262852_free

amy-winehouse1 amy-winehouse10 Amy+Winehouse+Heels+Peep+Toe+Pumps+dKXLg_O3Fswl Amy+Winehouse+Hoop+Earrings+Costume+Hoops+1xwR-pJkxvgl Amy+Winehouse+Updos+Beehive+B33Jnv3aTttl Flowers_2284577a red-flowery_2284587a slide_240250_1262864_free slide_240250_1262884_free slide_240250_1262893_free

Amy inspired a lot of celebrities with her style :

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