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So, Kylie Jenner is the new “Kardashian” fashion icon. The step sister of Kim Kardashian,is one smart teen age girl who knows what to wear. Sophisticated and simple at the same time, the little jenner has her own fashion line called Pacsun. This collection tells a lot about who she is. Kylie is a Msfts and her style shows it (dope and tom boyish). So here are some of her outfits that I picked. Enjoy!

So this first outfit, is very simple. It is a casual summer chill outfit. Such items are available in Zara, Pacsun, Brandy Melvil, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, A&F,Hollister,TopShop,Mango,H&M,Diesel,and Morgan.















Kylie wore this second outfit during her summer vacation in Santorini, where she spent some quality time with her family, far from all the paparazzi and the noise. So this outfit is the perfect outfit for summer casual chill type of vacations on the beach. It is pretty and comfortable. It is available in Pacsun,TopShop,Zara,Mango,& Urban outfitters.Kylie-Jenner-6_0



This 3rd outfit is super nice. You can find such printed soft pants at any store because it’s trendy right now including Zara,Pacsun and Urban Outfitters, and such crop shirts are available at Brandy Melvil,Pacsun,Urban Outfiters,New Look and TopShop.



So this 4th outfit is more formal and classier than the previous ones. This is a very suitable outfit for sunday summer lunches with the family, such overalls are available at Zara and the hat is available at H&M. The bag is from Céline. It is Kylie’s favorite bag.tumblr_mox36mkpFq1rlcnywo1_500




I love how kylie wears boots with short dresses. I think it’s super cute and suits her a lot. So here is the 5th outfit : a casual summer dress that is available at Zara,Pacsun,H&M,Urban Outfitters,TopShop and New Look.tumblr_mpg0wyW9XV1rlcnywo1_500






Going to hang out with some friends? What’s more perfect than wearing a crop shirt and some shorts with a jacket on your waste on a hot summer night, in a very stylish way? Kylie shows you how! Any crop short would do, as long as you know how to wear it. Such items are available at Topshop, Pacsun and Brandy Melvil.tumblr_mqauwxdVxR1rlcnywo1_500


And here comes my favorite outfit and my favorite number… outfit #7 !!! Just pick any shirt you have in your closet with a pair of shorts and your combat boots . Such items are available at Zara,H&M,TopShop,New Look,Diesel,Armani,Céline,Doctor Martens,Aldo,Brandy Melvil.







And here comes the last outfit for today. Number 8 is very casual. Any white shirt,any jeans shorts with a big colorful bag. Love it! Such items are available at Zara,TopShop,NewLook,Juicy Couture and Hermes.tumblr_mrm58kjUMd1r7p9pqo5_500