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So of course, many of you are traveling during summer, or even during the coming holidays and vacations. Airports are full of people. But do you ever notice what they are wearing? You should. Because wherever you are, what you’re wearing matters. I am not saying that you should wear your whole closet to the airport, I’m just saying that if you really love fashion, traveling is not an excuse to ignore how you look. So I got some pictures of celebrities airport styles. There are different categories : Chic & Classy, Stylish & Casual, and TomBoy & Dope :


1) Chic & Classy 

98021-original Holly-Madison-Celebrity-Airport-Style-16-435x580 kimk victoria_beckham Victoria_WideLeg victoria-beckham-1 victoria-beckham-airport-style-orange-pants__oPt Victoria-Beckham





2. Stylish & Casual

98015-original 98024-original Ashley Tisdale Arrives_at_LAX_airport_February_26__2011 ashley-tisdale-435-1 kim-kardashian-061110-13-492x787 Kim-Kardashian-Fashion-LAX-Airport-New-York-040612-13-491x738 Kylie+Jenner+Kardashians+Arrive+LA+PuIEtkqwsFJl Kylie+Jenner+Kylie+Kendall+Jenner+Land+LAX+J-3OoBzZ6ral miley-cyrus-290 Miley-Cyrus-In-Stella-McCartney-Heathrow-Airport Miranda-Kerr Kim Kardashian removes her shoes and empties her pockets just like everyone else as she makes her way through security before allegedly catching a flight to Australia slide_233872_1120557_free slide_233872_1120584_free Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian arrive at JFK Airport in NYC



3. TomBoy & Dope 

22b2477422fe2e3bec3d8cebd9ae0a37 97132-original 98026-original achung_gl_21apr11_wen_bt_592x888 Celebrity Sightings At The Nice Airport - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival Day 1 FLYNET - Miley Cyrus Arrives At New Orleans Airport LAX_airport_July_24_2013 rihanna-gray-tshirt-lax__oPt Rihanna+jets+out+rbkXYjP0b1El rita1 rs_634x1024-130325160832-634.Cara.Rita.mh.032513 tumblr_m655wmnXxv1r54gb6o1_500