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One of the best things in this movie is the dress code. During this period time, women had to be two things : classy & sophisticated. & Men should wear suits (and would still look hot). So here are some pictures,of how you, could wear like The Great Gatsby cast.

20s-style-headbands-great-gatsby 2013-Great-Gatsby 8760039_600x400 Carey-mulligan-Great-gatsby-bob-hair GAT gatsby-style-collage Gatsby Great-Gatsby-Fashion-Two great-gatsby-inspired1 great-gatsby-poster-leo-sm THE GREAT GATSBY Jay-Gatsby-1368128273 main.original Nick-Carraway-1368128277 outfit_large_897d338a-729a-48cf-a49c-12d4574737e4 the_great_gatsby_wardrobe The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann the-great-gatsby-wbp02 the-great-gatsby-wbp05