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0523-rihanna_red_hair_bd 092110_rihanna_5441 111510_rihanna_106888536 alg-rihanna-red-jpg dress-gun-red-red-hair-rihanna-Favim.com-415335_large images-1 images-2 images-3 normal_Rihanna_straight_red_hair Rhiannas_Red_Hair_34 Rihanna colour co-ordinates her bright red hair with a pair of shorts 6 rihanna_red_hair_3 rihanna_red_hair_french_braid rihanna_red_retro_hair_do_blac Rihanna-hairstyles-picture rihanna-red-hair-1 rihanna-red-hair-red-hair-2099193226 rihanna-red-lipstick-red-hair-vogue_magazine_1600x12001-1024x768 Rihanna+2010+American+Music+Awards+Arrivals+zqpZ3isfTJEl

Rihanna loves to change her hair color. The international singer and performer goes from brown to blonde to red to grey to white to black to orange to purple to berry to almost everything. But the color that I think,suits her really well, is red. I love it on her and I love how she dyes it red and have different hairstyles : short,long,curly,straight,wavy,retro,updo,fishtail,etc..