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I grew up in a society where being skinny is a must. At a very young age, people made me believe that you cannot be beautiful unless you crave yourself. I thought that what everyone was telling me was true and that I had to lose all of my curves in order to look like the women on the magazines. Growing up wasn’t easy knowing people won’t find you beautiful unless you stop eating. But later on, I realized that we do not have to look like models. In fact, if we had to, Cindy Crawford,Gisele Bundchen,Kate Moss,Naomi Campbell,Claudia Schiffer,Adriana Lima,Alessandra Ambrosio,Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes,Miranda Kerr,Heidi Klum,Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,Wen Liu,Tyra Banks,Linda Evangelista and Natalia Vodianova wouldn’t be models. Because its a model‘s job to be skinny. Let me make things clear. A cook should own certain ingredients to make a dish. If you are NOT a cook, are you going to get those ingredients, just because someone out there is? NO. Let me give you another example; If someone else is thirsty and needs water, and you don’t. Are you going to drink just because he’s the one in need? NO. Imagine, you’re a History student. Your friend is a Pre-Med student. Are you going to study what he does, just because you’re in the same university? NO. It is the same thing here,in our “university”,in our world. You won’t practice or study something just because someone else is (because its their duty and their job). You don’t have to be skinny because other people are. Who said that the only beautiful people are the skinny ones? Are you afraid of others to judge you? Don’t be. Because once they judge you for what you look like, let them go. They are certainly not worth it. But let me tell you something, what makes you beautiful is not what you look like, but what you are. There are no criteria for beauty. It is subjective, and changes through the age, the society you live in, and even through the feelings you have towards the other person. A skinny person can be beautiful, just like a curvy person.

Marilyn Monroe; Here is the name of THE sex symbol. Have you ever seen her body? Have you ever noticed how beautiful her curves are? Have you seen how she didn’t have a flat stomach and perfect long legs? Do you know that she was a model? Do you know that she even made an appearance on PlayBoy magazine and calendar,being flawlessly naked and proud of her imperfections? Do you know that this woman is considered The World’s Sexiest Woman In History? Have you seen how her clothes looked great on her because she didn’t crave herself to death and was confident about what she looks like ? WAKE UP. You won’t be beautiful unless you love yourself. You don’t have to be SKINNY. You just have to BE yourself.

I have seen in the media, several curvy models that blew my mind,including Ashley Graham and Tara Lyn, two young ladies who are modeling for different agencies and that are seriously gorgeous. Crystel Ren, a former curvy model, craved herself and became super skinny. I have some pictures below, to show you how beautiful she were before losing weight. It is almost impossible to believe that the two pictures of her belong to the same person. And I also have some pictures for you of the breath-taking Tara Lyn :

Tara Lyn

Plus Size Model Measurements 2tara-lynn-elle-france-mar-26-2010 Tara-Lynn-Elle-Magazine-5 tara-lynn-hm-0111 tara-lynn-pile-magazine-madison-plus-02 Tara Lyn (right)tumblr_lonw42vY6x1qc1koeo1_500wacoal-decolletc3a9-ravissant

And here is the disappointing transformation of Crystal Renn :

Crystal-Renn-Vogue-Germany-February-2011-1-260x356 (After)