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Don’t..wear a tie and long socks. You will look like a school boy.

alex-james_2617864a Do.. the colors look great together and the shoes (exp: Toms) look really good with such shorts.espadrilles_2617860a

Do.. The shorts look amazing with a scarf and a long sleeve grandma-fabric shirt/sweater.

espads_2617938aDo.. Formal shorts are gorgeous. You just have to know how to wear them.

new-intro_2617946a Do.. This time the tie looks really good because it looks more casual and it looks like this man is being himself with the accessories he added : the watch and the green belt.

PATRICK-GRANT_2617718a Don’t.. ever wear shorts with a blazer and sandals.sandals_2617944a Do.. Sporty & chic! This look is gorgeous, jean casual shorts with a sporty jacket a white shirt and super classy shoes. Perfection.

short-shorts_2617862a Don’t.. wear shorts with such a half sleeve shirt.

short-sleeves_2617940a Don’t.. wear such tight shoes. It looks good, until you look at his feet.slim-fit_2617861a

Don’t..Shorts are not for shy guys. He looks like a unconfident guy. And the long socks are a big NO.

socks_2617863a Don’t.. Shorts are NOT made for a formal red carpet kind of event! It is not a tuxedo.thom-browne-x_2617858a