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Look #1 : Despite the fact that this outfit is made with a very high definition and with a very good structure, the reason why I picked this outfit is because this young lady knew how to wear this outfit : with a green one shoulder ( Louis Vuitton ) handbag, beige-skin colored heels,and her hair updo , she looks gorgeous.

Look #2 : Tuxedo is the new trend, and blue is this season color so I couldn’t ask for more. I love first of all the fact that she is wearing a clutch that isn’t blue. This looks great on her especially that she chose to wear a blue shirt as well, and not a white one or a different color.hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100312-29-lgn

Look #3 : The reason why I picked this outfit is because unlike the two others, we have here totally different shades of blue… and it still looks great! The sandals are absolutely cute and the jewelry she’s wearing,as well as her glasses makes this outfit even prettier.hbz-street-style-resort-1-WhBAdD-xln